An Interlude

I've been terribly remiss when it comes to blogging. It's been almost four months! The interim has been filled with beginnings & endings - personal and professional. After six years in Philadelphia, I moved to Boston. In September, I'll start the exciting, if daunting,  (and not to mention, seemingly interminable) journey towards a PhD in English Literature at Boston University. After an incredible year teaching at Drexel, I'm definitely going to miss working with the students and being "on the other side of the desk." Still, I feel certain that my experience in the classroom has not only positioned me to be a better student moving forward but has also provided a sense of affirmation that the hard work in store is completely worthwhile. I'm anticipating my coursework and am eager, in a year or so, to be back as an instructor. In the meantime, while I'm sure to be drowning in academic readings and writing...I'll try to post in a timely or at least regular fashion (but don't take me at my word). At the very least, perhaps I'll be excerpting or working through ideas and theses inspired by my classes. A real post coming soon!